so apparently i got admitted to psu?

acceptance letter and everything

which, i mean, is awesome

but there’s no way in the fiery depths of hell i can attend because it’s so expensive

which is a real shame because it’s basically my dream school in location

but it’s good to know i might not be a total failure in terms of getting accepted into college because i’m not really ~superb~ but hope for other colleges and this was sort of a test to see if i could get into SOME college


  1. lehnsherrandxavier said: I may not know you very well and you have no idea who we are, but I feel for you and wish you good luck anyway no matter what you get your head into doing!
  2. miadearden said: are there any scholarships you’d be able to get?
  3. dratsing said: congrats though! Great acchievement!
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