America’s Got Talent: Audition One

Me and my audition number/outfit after getting out of the Convention Centre! We were only in there for four hours!

My car!makeup I did yesterday

Did America’s Got Talent Auditions yesterday. I was only there for four hours! My and my mom thought it’d be around seven at least. I did really well, the judge knew the song. I met some amazing people (one who flew in from Salt Lake!) and ended up sitting next to one of those people you always see in the show (“Did I do good? The judges thought I’d go further. You think I’m gonna go further, right?”). She ended up not being that great, but she may have been missing a marble, as my mom put it. I got some amazing compliments yesterday (“soulful” and “angelic”). All in all, if I don’t make it, I don’t. I’ll know by March, though. Thanks to everyone who wished me luck and has been supporting me all this time.


Friday (Day Before Audition)

Overall, it was an awesome experience! There were only a few things that I thought were odd. Expect rants.

THERE WASN’T A PLACE TO WARM UP. In the holding room, we were asked to be quiet for the film crew. (Me and Britney later found a hallway blocked off with a curtain that we used that involved my voice echoing into the bathroom and moving further away from said bathroom)

Now, the shots you see of people in the holding room? That’s not the same place as the huge stage with Sharon, Pierrs, and Howie. That’s the next step. So, they were filming people screaming “SEATTLE’S GOT TALENT” and their crowd shots here? Why? Because there’s more people. Once they eliminate a bunch, it won’t be impressive. Which I admit is clever.

I understand that the film crew needs their shot. This is a reality/entertainment show, once you boil it down. But we had to go to somewhere else to warm up. The film crew were all a bit rude, but I suppose that’s their job. They automatically went for the teenager girl group dressed the sluttiest to get the shot. Expected, but a bit annoying on my part.

So, that was the only thing I felt a bit odd. It was all a bit surreal, although it felt more like reality when it was over.

If I make it, I’ll find out before March. March 2nd and 3rd are when the next round is (I have no transportation the 2nd, so it’ll hafta be the 3rd for me, assuming I get through!). THAT’S A WEEK! <3 Wish me luck, guys. 

xx syd

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