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H o m e is behind,

the w o r l d ahead,

and there are many p a t h s to tread

through shadows to the edge of n i g h t,

until the s t a r s are all alight

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Greek Mythology Dreamcast - Richard Armitage as Hades

Earth’s keys to thee, illustrious king, belong, its secret gates unlocking, deep and strong. ‘Tis thine abundant annual fruits to bear, for needy mortals are thy constant care. To thee, great king, all sovereign earth assigned, the seat of gods and basis of mankind. Thy throne is fixed in Haides’ dismal plains, distant, unknown to the rest, where darkness reigns; where, destitute of breath, pale spectres dwell, in endless, dire, inexorable hell… (x)

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A wave viewed from underwater

thats like the sky for sea creatures o.o

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Good luck affording a place to live. Forget being able to fucking eat “healthy” like you’re “supposed to” (aka, morally obligated to).

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The Noose
A Perfect Circle


- Carl Sagan

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Horrortober: #20 | You’re Next (2011)
Who would do this?

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I’m the Ghost with the m o s t, babe!

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One of the best things Gus Sorola has ever said. (x)

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